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For over 20 years we have been selecting and training instructors, trainers and coaches. An essential resource for our profession, for the development and blossoming of our players at all levels, from leisure to the highest level of performance. Finding the right people, the right coaches has never been easy, which is why I am proud and happy to establish this partnership with the League to finally become official trainers ourselves and thus have the chance to unearth new talents who will be able to take advantage of our structures and various activities but also of the extraordinary setting that Cap d'Agde offers us. I would like to thank Yannick Martinez, director of the International Tennis Centre and Elite Forma Academy for supporting us in this ambitious project.

Charles Auffray

Training Centre

In partnership with the Occitanie Tennis League and the Cap d'Agde International Tennis Centre, the French Touch Academy has become a training centre for the DEJEPS Tennis (State Diploma for Youth, Popular Education and Sport) in alternating years.
From August 2022, our structure will welcome a class of 12 candidates on site. All the theoretical training will take place on the Cap d'Agde site. On the club side of the training course:

  • 4 candidates will be selected to follow their alternation (field experience) within the Academy and the Club

  • 8 candidates will have to sign a work-study contract with local clubs and structures.

The objectives

In addition to the excellent training leading to a diploma, the Academy's objective is to train candidates in the fundamentals of teaching and coaching, as well as in the skills and knowledge essential to the realities of private and associative structures.
Thus, at the end of the training, the objective is to offer certain graduates employment opportunities within the Academy itself or within partner structures, particularly abroad.
Our ambition is therefore to prepare young teachers for optimal competitiveness on the tennis market through a rich training, based on a diversity of experiences and the acquisition of original content.

Training content

The basics

  • Being able to design an action project (75h)

  • Be able to coordinate the implementation of an action project (78h)

  • To be able to lead a sports development process in tennis (524h)

  • To be able to coach tennis in safety (23h)

The 'French Touch Academy' touch

  • High level training

  • Immersion in the heart of multiple events

  • Develop a solid foundation in English to conduct sessions in English

  • The fundamentals of communication and marketing

  • Understanding the essentials of a business plan (management/projections)

Key dates

  • Theoretical training on Monday & Tuesday

  • 2 full weeks at the beginning of the course

  • 17-18h field practice /week

  • All school holidays are dedicated to alternating between the Academy and the club

The benefits of this training

  • Immerse yourself in the heart of a hybrid structure: both private and associative

  • Benefit from an ideal setting to train and become a recognised professional

  • Intervening with all audiences: all ages, from mini-tennis to the highest level

  • Develop your skills in English, communication and events

  • Exceptional infrastructures: all surfaces, indoor, outdoor, tennis & padel

  • Participate in the life of the Academy: training, competition support, events, club and campus life

  • Experienced and passionate tutors & exceptional observation time

The prerequisites

  • Be at least 18 years old on the date of entry into the course.

  • Hold a first aid certificate (PSC 1) or an equivalent qualification (AFPS...).

  • Be able to justify a minimum ranking of 15/2 (being or having been).

  • To hold a valid federal tennis licence.

  • Be in possession of a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice and teaching of tennis dating less than 3 months.

  • Hold the CQPET (or AMT) diploma or be able to justify a minimum of 90 hours of teaching over a sports year.

Registration & Contact

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